michelle_profileSo, how did I get here?

By believing so passionately about this material and its ability to change lives.

Because it changed mine.

As new parents, our daughter was one and my husband suggested that we take a parenting class. At the time, we were living in Houston, Texas and I was the school counselor for 600 four to seven year olds! I AM NOT GOING TO LEARN ANYTHING in this parenting class, but I attended for him. Needless to say, I was the most reluctant “participant” in the class. The material was so moving, that I was inspired to teach it here in Indiana. It has been my mission to deliver this course to those folks who want to learn new tools. We often, as parents, end up behaving in ways that frustrate us because we are OUT OF IDEAS. Every January, April and September, the course is offered. There may be four in the class or there may be 15. I will be there to offer alternatives that might, just might, bring peace into your home. It was my husband that pointed out to me many years ago… “the people who benefit the most from what you do, Michelle, you never meet”. Grateful, I am. Consider joining us when the time is right for you. Warmly, Michelle