A day of rest…


view from hotel balcony…what a treat!

After 12 days of walking, my body was speaking in various voices…my head was on fire, I had a river coming out of my nose and eyes, a new blister, not much sleep as my traveling companions are champion snorers and many miles each day contributing to a I-can’t-go-on-like-this moment. I said uncle. Some folks have no problem taking the buses between towns and taking a day of rest. For some reason I have always been committed to walking this whole thing. So, many have taken rest, and I have walked twelve days straight. It was inevitable that I get sick as the sleeping arrangements are often like an airplane germ wise, so my number was up. Burgos and a hotel are lovely places for r and r. I got sleep. A decongestant that I hoped was that as it was all in Spanish including how much to take. It saved me. I got a massage today here in the hotel. Ate and rested. I even stayed on a tour bus twice as I did not want to walk anywhere.

I feel like a new woman.

so yesterday, I did the 20k into town sick and miserable. Tomorrow, I am going to try to make some of this up. We will see. My traveling companions are taking the bus and will see me in a future town.

have had more amazing food though. I eat and eat and eat.

I continue to connect with lovely people. See lovely sites, eat lovely food, and talk a lot to God and to myself.

highlight? Calamari salad at lunch, tea on balcony, helping a little Spanish woman with a cane up all these steps and having her talk and talk to me enthusiastically and me not understand a word. I think that she was grateful.

rioja wine continues to be consumed nightly as well as this amazing bread. I truly have never drank so much wine or eaten so much bread in my life. When in Spain…

so grateful for my health recovering and to be where I am and the folks helping me near and far…thank you.

love to y’all,



Traveling friends Peggy (San Diego) and barb (Australia)


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