The end of the earth…finisterre

so after Santiago, it is another three day walk to the ocean at finisterre. It translates as end of the earth. Santiago was the end of the line for me with the walking, but driving to the ocean was wonderful. Looking back at y’all across the Atlantic! Felt sooo good on my feet. Many pilgrims […]

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My mascot…the cuckoo bird.

everyday. Every. Single. Day. I would hear one of these far off in the distance. One of the last days, it was right above me…take a listen…:)

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Tomorrow is it! The last 15 miles…

There have been so very many misconceptions that I have had about this journey…would I find my way? (Easily marked) Would my knee make it? ( no more problems with it than any other body part) If I make it to the finish, will I be crawling? there have been times that I was crawling […]

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50k left…two days of 15miles…

Hi y’all… it is real. The end is near. It’s not about the destination, it has been about the journey and on this journey I have done it all-My intention was to be closer to myself and to God…it has happened along with so much other discovery and healing. This Camino holds a beautiful space […]

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Under 100k left…725 down…

This is me…   I do eat whatever…chocolate croissant for breakfast? Yep? Cheese with honey for dessert? Yep? Red wine? Yep? Lemon beer? I am in… So at any point a “donativo” might appear which is pictured below. A beautiful table of yummies that is laid out on a table with no one around that […]

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Beauty all around…

So everyday I hear a cuckoo bird. Every day. It is like a little mascot always in the distance…sounds just like the clock. This Galicia province is very Celtic and I see why…could be Ireland. The rolling hills, green, stone walls, and the hearty soups, octopus…lovely. the Camino is a special place…everyone helps each other…and […]

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The last third…

hi y’all…so the last third changes terrain again. The middle is flat and less striking if you will than the eye candy that I have seen. And so it begins again…vineyards, villages, mountains. I came over one two days ago and am still recovering the calves from coming down in sandals, in the rain, wind, […]

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Blister management…

So it is my turn now to manage blisters…I have seven. The backs of my heels are the worst…wearing the sandals now. Hoping for the best. Tired and the body is tired. It effects everything…had my first nap today after rain and a bath…still eating well and loving the wine. All good…

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Carrying the bag isn’t so bad…it really feels like a hug. It is just the feet that have the trouble. On longer days, I have it sent…such a gift. All good here. A boy graces age has been awing me with his little eukele music. Last night it was guitar and harmonica and the United […]

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Leon Spain…I rest and people watch!

hello again… after walking 35 k for a few days, I took a cab into Leon and skipped the long walk through the suburbs into the old city and am enjoying the lovely town and not doing much. Resting the equipment. I get giddy out on the Camino at 5:00 in the middle of nowhere […]

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The meseta…I am halfway now!

IMG_1590 hello from halfway! The view is wonderful in the middle…the meseta is the middle where it gets flat and more like Indiana. Lots of wheat fields. I am trying to post my first video of the fields with waves blowing from the wind…it is like an ocean. Laid down in one to take a […]

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40k…and still a lovely day

Hi y’all… everything here is in kilometers, so I give. It is kilometers now. So, I walked 40k today. The rest day and then the make up day. I am better. The sun is so strong now and a hat is vital…especially walking for 9 hours. Had a lovely picnic in a wheat field and […]

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A day of rest…

view from hotel balcony…what a treat! After 12 days of walking, my body was speaking in various voices…my head was on fire, I had a river coming out of my nose and eyes, a new blister, not much sleep as my traveling companions are champion snorers and many miles each day contributing to a I-can’t-go-on-like-this […]

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A day in the life…

Hola amigos y amigas, the problem with using my limited Spanish here is that they ANSWER me in Spanish and then I have no idea what they are saying as they think that I know what I am saying. I don’t. Feebly trying. so a day in the life of a Camino walker? it starts […]

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One way to cool your drinks…in the town fountain…

Hola, my spanish is slow…I am motivated though…there seems to be a lot of “donde Es…?” sleeping in a new place each night and new town is interesting…letting go. It is like a gift each day to see where this path takes us and where we land. Today was the first day that I carried […]

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Day one of week two…

hello y’all… so week one is complete! Apparently we have made it one quarter of the distance. Some people really keep track of that with gps and apps and stuff. Me? I just walk to the next destination and stop at as many cafes/bars as present themselves in the villages along the way. The rest […]

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Amber waves of grain…

So they are green still rather than Amber yet, but the wheat fields do have waves in them as the wind rolls over them on these ┬ábeautiful hills. It is like watching waves in water… The wheat fields surround the many vineyards here in the Rioja region of Spain. Rioja wines are a favorite of […]

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