Day one over the Pyrenees


hello y’all…

so I made it to beautiful France and could feel the chicness even at the airport in Paris where I mostly slept the day away with a jacket over my head…

flight to Biarritz in southern France (don’t the Rolling Stones mention that coastal town in a song?)

with a shared taxi with some other pilgrims to this amazing alburgue in St Jean pied de port. It was amazing only as it was recommended. Left to my own devices I definitely wouldn’t have found it. It was important for all of us pilgrims to arrive in time for the shared pilgrim meal and now I understand why. We were treated like family-four or five languages were translated, intros, games, and why we are undertaking this. It might be the best food I get in this whole trip. They even made this optional lunch to take with me over the mountain.

so the mountain. I made it. Up up up the Pyrenees to go down down down. Thank god for the hiking poles. Godsend. Speaking of God, he/she is all around. So 15 miles up and down and around ending up in ronscavalles Spain. Here I am. In a monastery with masses of other pilgrims. It is kindof like being at camp this shared sleeping arrangement. So far so good.

The wind today was soooo big that the snot running out of my nose was being blown away. And we serve walking INTO it. Slow going. Knee is doing great.

so back to this monastery where I find myself this evening. It is the opposite of last nights intimacy. So when the lady at check in asked if I wanted to have dinner here, I asked if there were any other options. The answer was no. So dinner is here then!

The Camino is a worthy challenge. I feel right where I am supposed to be. Most folks on this path are older than me although I just met an 11 year old Australian boy doing it with his mom…

met another Australian who has been traveling around the world for the last four years and all he has is his backpack. He did the Camino backwards last year and just decided that morning as he was in Italy¬†¬†that he wanted to come enjoy the vibe on the Camino. It is a vibe…

thank you for your love, support and prayers. They are being received.



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