Leon Spain…I rest and people watch!


hello again…

after walking 35 k for a few days, I took a cab into Leon and skipped the long walk through the suburbs into the old city and am enjoying the lovely town and not doing much. Resting the equipment. I get giddy out on the Camino at 5:00 in the middle of nowhere and beyond tired. It becomes oddly funny. As long as I have snacks and water, a picnic is available at any moment.

Whomknew that I would like octopus? I do! And all kinds of other fish…bring it on. I am so enjoying the whole experience-the walking, the challenge, the people, the food, the villages, the cities, the highs and the lows. It all helps with sleep. I am told that the best is yet to come…we will see!

Tomorrow I begin for a stretch on my own. A bit nervous about that, but here goes. I have had so much support up until this point…a few days finding my way…

One of my images of myself on this trip is that I sit down on the trail and cry when overwhelmed. It hasn’t happened yet…:)

love to y’all…

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