One way to cool your drinks…in the town fountain…



my spanish is slow…I am motivated though…there seems to be a lot of “donde Es…?”

sleeping in a new place each night and new town is interesting…letting go. It is like a gift each day to see where this path takes us and where we land.

Today was the first day that I carried all my stuff. I gave myself the first week to adjust and just carried a daypack -there is this service that will take your backpack to your next destination for five euro. I can do it now though…many people are just beginning to use it as they are hurting. Some have been carrying all along. Some stay in hotels and have luggage and real clothes at night!:) all kinds. Anyway, I seemed to do just fine with the extra weight on the knees and feet.

Paella is a lovely addition to my food loves here…

still walking? I am…

Love m

fountain1 fountain3 fountain2


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