Pamplona…no running of bulls or michelle


Ok so I have been struggling…one of my commitments on this trip is no complaining… Facts are ok though.

So fact: no sleep for me in the monastery with hundreds of people. I listened to a lot of people sleep. Not sure how I am going to overcome the community sleeping arrangements on this trip as I am a light sleeper. Been in a hotel (which is a generous term sometimes) these last two nights to try to get this body normal. The knees are hurting along with the shins and toes. Those are facts right?

I remain grateful to be able to be doing this …the emerald forests that I experience, the amazing people, Gods nature everyday in all its weather, the fun of finding my backpack each day, finding a place to stay, running into people old and new each day, time to talk to myself a lot, time to pray, explore and adventure. The ecstasy and the agony right? I am so hoping that the body adjusts and it can settle as it is so much to ask of it everyday…15 roughly.

It is talking to me mightily.

i am trying to listen. I wasn’t confident i could walk at all today but once I got going,  the body seemed to cooperate. Visited the farmacia and they have helped with arnica and ibubrofen.
Spain is so lovely and lush, this northern part anyway.  And being in the elements everyday is wonderful…

there is a huge community of people supporting this effort on and off the Camino, so if solitude is desired, that is available, if connection, that too.

i am settling in to this rhythm. Needing my lower half to come along with me to the settling in…

love from Spain,


pamplona orig

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