I am so much more aware of my children’s wants and needs and more clearly understand why they behave the way they do. We have much more cooperation and fun and a lot more celebrations! Our family is functioning ¬†smoothly.

There is less yelling. Kids are becoming more independent.

I really enjoyed the class. I was apprehensive in taking it at first. After the first class, I felt comfortable and could identify and recognize why I turned out the way I did.

Michelle is fantastic. Great eye contact, empathy, understanding, directing and redirecting the learning toward the end goal. Came up with suggestions and more importantly helped us come up with ideas.

I am more patient, slower to yell at the kids. I am more respectful in how I talk with them. That respect is returned more frequently and better recognized.

(Michelle’s) personality and demeanor made the class a pleasure and a great benefit. Thank you.

Michelle is an excellent speaker and teacher. She connects so well with her students-often laughing or just showing that she’s engaged and listening. I especially appreciate it when she talks about her own struggles at home with her kids.

A significant change in my own behavior has resulted in a growth in my son’s personal power and responsibility.

EVERYONE feels more empowered-less controlled. There is much more cooperation. Everyone is also calmer-knowing they don’t need to get upset because they WILL be heard.

My spouse and I are on the same page. I can go to him and ask for more suggestions from the course. I am more calm with my child

Everything in our house is calmer. I feel more connected to my children and my husband. My children are definitely more responsible since I use the tools that I learned in this class.