Tomorrow is it! The last 15 miles…


imageThere have been so very many misconceptions that I have had about this journey…would I find my way? (Easily marked) Would my knee make it? ( no more problems with it than any other body part) If I make it to the finish, will I be crawling?

there have been times that I was crawling (figuratively), this end is not one of them. I feel calm and strong and relatively pain free. I feel good. Tomorrow I hope to see the cathedral where the apostle St James is believed to be buried and be awed by the giant swinging incense burners that take six men to manage. I don’t know how I will feel…I will simply feel it. There is a mass in English I hear in the evening there. I have attended quite a few beautiful masses along the way all in Spanish. So much is lost on me. Sacred space though. And I have received many pilgrim blessings in some of these sacred spaces. I have noticed that I am drawn to the simple chapels more than the grand gilded cathedrals, yet I welcome them all. They have provided calm and quiet and I am grateful to have lit many candles along the way.

thank you all for your support from afar. You got me here…

Love m

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